Ashraf Hussain

Commercial Realtor

Cell: 407-712-4848

Born in Karachi Pakistan, spent my childhood in South of France (French Riviera) and Paris.

Exposed to French Cosmetics and Perfumery business with my father Sole agent for all major Perfume makers, just to name a few: Christian Dior, Channel, and Guarlent etc. as a sole distributer to Pakistan, India, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq.

4 years of British Cadet in the Royal Army in Liverpool England as an officer’s training.

Traveled extensively around the world, business and pleasure both. Ran a Cosmetic and Perfumery assembly plant and International marketing.

Moved to Toronto Canada, help my uncle run a Grocery chain of stores.

Came to USA March 1974. Attended Miami Dade Junior College, Moved to Houston, TX, and graduated from University of Houston. Degree in Business administration and minor in Accounting.

Joined Joske’s of Houston (part of Allied stores from New York) as a Computer analyst for the Marketing and Purchase.

Had an opportunity to step into Automobile Business: Started in Sales and marketing, within 4years become a legend in the business by selling and delivered 591 cars retail in a years’ time averaging 50 cars a month. Promoted to middle management and then given an opportunity to research and acquisition for a Datsun/Nissan Dealership in San Diego California. Acquired it on behalf of the Dealer principal and had a chance to buy in as a General Manager & 7% managing partner.

Opened a Highline Automobile Leasing Company handling Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s and Mercedes. As an independent Auto Leasing Brokerage.

Tapped into Grey Market Automobiles, Purchasing refurbished Mercedes Benz directly from the Factory, bringing in to this country, performing the D.O.T. and reselling in the US Market.


Started from grass roots an Automobile Tinting company and soon evolved in a very lucrative Residential and Commercial Glass Glazing business: Tint Technology. This film could resist up to 180 mph winds, for Hurricane protection. Pensacola, Florida.

Dabbled in Real Estate as an Investor: Purchasing, Flipping, Renting, Refurbishing and reselling of over 27 properties.

Owner-Operator: Bought a small running business in Houston TX. Alpha-Omega Uniforms: Custom made uniforms: Manufacture, Wholesale and Retail. To Present.