Rumor Has It: Ferarri World from Abu Dhabi Might Make It’s Way to Orlando

Fans of exotic cars and roller coasters could soon have a new favorite park in Orlando. The luxury automaker Ferrari licensed its name to its first park, Ferarri World, in Abu Dhabi in 2010 and The Homes Matchmaker's very own Emil and Michelle Sulieman had a great time exploring this magical park.

It contains the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa. Ferarri has plans for additional parks in Spain (almost completed), China, and now North America, as well.

Ferarri has not yet revealed where in North America its latest park would be constructed, but many people are speculating that Orlando is a frontrunner. If Orlando was chosen, you can bet that this new attraction would come with some incredible auto-themed rides and entertainment. For now, we can only wait and HOPE that they choose our great city.

Oh, and did we mention that Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is entirely indoors? Now that sounds perfect for Florida. Take a look at some of the images inside the amusement park in Abu Dhabi from Emil and Michelle's perspective:

IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8825

Ferrari_world-abu_dhabi3 IMG_8826 IMG_8827

Ferrari_world-abu_dhabi2 IMG_8828


Check out this video of Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi: